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iDC (Intermedia Development Consultants) is a Kenya-registered company founded in 1988, offering consultancy services in various areas of development co-operation. Our main clients are development agencies, governmental organisations and, occasionally, private sector organisations. Our strength de­rives from a commitment to a research and training approach that is experi­ential, interactive and collaborative. It is an approach that emphasises the need for dialogue with all stakehold­ers in the design and delivery of its capacity building programmes, in the production of its training materials, and in its appraisals or reviews of pro­ject interventions. Its consultants have a particularly strong record in produc­ing the kinds of project design, training materials, studies and reports, which help to sustain development activities in the context in which they have been derived – and that can be replicated in other situations and in other countries.

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“We may be small, but we serve big!” That’s what the manager of a coffee shop and patisserie said when I was interviewing her for my weekly column, Going Places, in Kenya’s Sunday Nation. I think I can make the same claim for iDC…

John Fox, Managing Director

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iDC is committed to a research and training approach that is experiential, interactive and collaborative. This approach emphasises the need for dialogue with all stakeholders in the design and delivery of its capacity building programmes, in the production of its training materials, and in its appraisals and reviews of project interventions.

iDC consultants have a record of producing project designs, training materials, studies and reports that sustain development activities in the context within which they have been derived – but can be appropriately replicated in other situations and in other countries. iDC has been contracted on many occasions to facilitate workshops for a wide variety of organisations on institutional reviews and strategic planning. Many of these workshops have involved the use of the logical framework and ‘theory of change’ approaches. A large number of the company’s consultants have facilitation, training, mediation and other process skills. They share ‘in-house’ techniques for promoting discussion, exploring perceptions, identifying issues and planning actions. They have produced a number of manuals on participatory methodologies. A distinctive feature of these materials is that they are ‘situation-centred’ – in as much as their case studies and illustrations are derived from the region for which the training is intended.


iDC is active in various consultancy networks. For the last four years, it has worked in close partnership with Tana Copenhagen (Denmark) on a variety of assignments in the three regions of Somalia and in East Africa. The company has also had a long partnership with the Nordic Consulting Group.  

Other partnerships have included: providing the management unit for a framework contract with the EC Delegation in Kenya that included four European agencies: NCG Denmark, DRN of Italy, ECO of Germany, and ISS of the Netherlands. In 2006, with Natural Resource International (NRI) of the United Kingdom, iDC managed a contract with Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) in which NRI provided the Technical Assistant. The two companies then collaborated in providing the Technical Assistance to the EC funded Kenya Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Research Programme. Together with NCG Uganda, the company has worked on a number of assignments in Uganda and elsewhere such as the development of an M&E catalogue suitable for use in the Human Rights and Social Justice Sector and funded by the Ford Foundation. This assignment involved Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. iDC also engages in various networks with Kenya-based companies. So it can draw from a wider pool of consultants than its own core team and associates.

Staff and Associates

John Fox - Managing Director

Adult education, capacity building and development communication

John Fox has over thirty years’ experience of appraising and evaluating projects, facilitating workshops related to strategic reviews or programme planning, designing and conducting training programmes and information dissemination strategies for a wide variety of cadres: civil servants, local government officials, community development workers, extension agents, health staff, journalists, managers in both public and private sectors. Twenty years of this experience has been in developing countries; mainly in Africa, but also in South Asia, and South East Asia. In recent years, the focus has been on community participation in development programmes, institution building, monitoring and evaluation, human resource development, and media studies. He has conducted numerous assignments related to public education and information campaigns. He is also a practising journalist, writing on development topics – contributing a weekly column for the Sunday Nation in Kenya since 1990.

Jan Fox - Director

Development communication, M&E and research

Jan is now a Director of iDC, having recently completed an MSc in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. He has a particular interest in development communication and research, and since joining iDC has worked on a diverse range of projects, including: a livelihood and human security study in Puntland and Jubaland to inform a baseline survey for Diakonia’s Somalia Rights Programme; a livelihoods assessment in the Dadaab refugee camp; defining the resilience concept for DRC’s GROW Pillar Framework for the Horn of Africa and Yemen; working as the lead data analyst for the Third-Party Monitoring for UN OCHA of 35 CHF-funded projects in Somalia; documenting Stories of Change for Diakonia Sweden’s Lake Victoria Rights Programme on Mfangano Island; and conducting political-economy analyses for Kenya and numerous towns in northern Somalia. He is also a practicing journalist, having written articles for London’s Evening Standard, The East African, and various other news outlets.

Elizabeth Onyango - Director

Human Rights and Gender

Elizabeth has fifteen years’ experience in the field of human rights, advocacy and governance, access to justice and project management at national and regional levels, and overseeing and monitoring numerous technical assistance projects. With a legal training background specialising in international human rights law, she has worked in Lesotho, Uganda, Rwanda and the UK on numerous projects. Her experience includes the application of rights-based approaches, conducting needs assessments and studies, and developing practical and situation-centred guides including the development of manuals on: the work of local council courts in Uganda (particularly developing the chapters on human rights, children’s rights, the Uganda Children’s Act and the Domestic Violence Act); human rights-based approaches in northern and north-eastern Uganda (Karamoja, Teso, Lang’o and Acholi) for CSOs and CBOs; and access to justice institutions in Zambia. She was head of the Rwanda office of the human rights organisation, African Rights from 2002 – 2005 where she was involved in documenting incidences and consequences of the 1994 Genocide with the aim of giving voice to the most vulnerable and sharing the testimonies. This included conducting studies on sexual and gender-based violence, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since 2005 she has held numerous managerial positions at ILI-ACLE, an institution involved in capacity building and legal and judicial reform on the African continent. Among the numerous projects she has coordinated include a pro-poor integrity programme funded by DfID to strengthen the integrity of local council courts through a series of consultations and rights-based training in several districts in Uganda. She has closely collaborated with iDC on the implementation of several access to justice projects in Uganda and Zambia.

Tom Walker - Director

Security and risk management

Tom Walker is a professional and driven risk management consultant with significant experience garnered in African emerging market business environments. He has additional experience in the world of emerging-market private equity investment. Tom is a proven leader with strong analytical, negotiation, solution development and project management skills developed in high intensity military, post-crisis and frontier market business settings. Tom spent eleven years in the British Army before moving into the commercial arena in 2009. He is innovative and resourceful, with strong communication skills and the ability to quickly establish strong working relationships and buy-in across multi-national backgrounds and disciplines. He has an eight-year track record in designing and managing strategic and operational risk mitigation / project management strategies underpinned by local initiatives, host community involvement and local capacity building. Social and governmental license to operate, secured through enduring relationships and partnerships, enriching programmes, employee development and corporate social responsibility sit at the heart of what has been delivered. Tom is a Swahili speaker with family ties to Eastern Africa since the1930’s, and who maintains a particularly strong business and social network that spans the governmental, military, commercial business and social spectrums, and which extends from the Horn of Africa to Tanzania.

Hillary Mutisya - Finance Officer

Financial management, research and statistics

Hillary Mutisya has ten years’ experience in financial management and research. He has worked as a team member on both short and long-term consultancy assignments across sectors such as economy, food, education and training, health, HIV/AIDS, civil society capacity development, gender and development. These assignments have been carried out in Kenya and Somalia. Working across a range of sectors and with multiple stakeholders, Hillary has expertise in managing finances of framework contracts, conducting research and survey, data analysis using the SPSS system, writing and editing reports, and development of bid proposals.

James Birnie - Company Secretary

Certified Public Accountant

James Birnie has extensive experience in the areas of audit, accountancy and special investigation work. He has carried out assignments in these fields for a wide range of businesses in East Africa. He also has good experience as receiver and manager of defaulting companies on behalf of lending banks. James has led a number of seminars on the subject of credit assessment and control and receivership practice for banks in Kenya. These include: the Kenya Commercial Bank, National Bank of Kenya, Industrial Development Bank, Standard Chartered Bank.

Abduba Mollo Ido - Associate Consultant

Governance and institutional development

Abduba is a governance and institutional development specialist with hands on experience across East Africa and the Horn. His main field of interest revolves around the institutionalisation of local governance by supporting the formulation of policies, systems and tools, and the enhancement of service delivery through capacity development. His involvement with community service and participatory development dates back to 1991, where he worked with the Garba Tulla Development Organisation (GTDO), a community-based organisation in Isiolo County. With GTDO he worked with pastoralist communities ravaged by war, recurrent droughts and cattle rustling. The programme was designed to empower traditional decision-making structures through tailor-made community transformational training, aimed at building good foundations for sustainable development in an integrated manner. As the leader of the organisation, he coordinated various development projects in Education, Food Security, Natural Resource Management, Enterprise Development, Community Based Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Lobby & Advocacy, and Conflict Resolution.

Abdulkadir Salah - Associate Consultant

Community development, training, research and Somali expert

Over the last 25 years, Abdulkadir has earned experience in a variety of fields, including programme management, monitoring and evaluation, humanitarian support, emergency relief, provision of basic services to IDPs, and poor rural communities. Within the humanitarian support sector, his services have included: community development projects, emergency feeding, WASH, and building shelter and housing to IDPs and drought-stricken communities. He has also carried out projects focusing on human rights protection and gender issues. His recent assignments have been implemented through a local development, consulting and research organisation called the Somali Development and Consulting Group (SDCG), of which he has been the Executive Director since 2006. From 1997-2000, he was the capacity building trainer for CARE, and a researcher and writer for the Puntland Development Research Centre (PDRC) from 2001 – 2005.

Charlotte Örnemark - Associate Consultant

M&E, communications, social marketing and strategy development

Charlotte is an international consultant specialising in learning-oriented monitoring and evaluation, evidence-based communications, social marketing and organisational strategy development with a strong track record in democratic governance, civil society, gender equality, human rights, inclusive Bottom of the Pyramid value chains, and innovation with over eighteen years of experience. Areas of expertise also include the design and implementation of multi-stakeholder engagement and dialogue frameworks including between State and Non-State Actors for social accountability.

Christine Kamau - Associate Consultant

Fragile and conflict-affected states, programme management, M&E and research

Christine has over ten years’ experience in management. She has broad experience in monitoring and evaluation, in programme management and in research. In the last few years, her work has been mainly focused on fragile and conflict situations, and she has worked in such countries as Somalia, DR Congo and in South Sudan. She has also taken on assignments concerned with governance and democratisation and citizen participation, and she has worked with both civil society and other non-state actors in Kenya, Somalia and in other countries in Africa. Christine has experience working in fragile and conflict-affected states such as South Sudan, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she has carried out reviews and evaluations related to health, water and sanitation, food security and livelihoods. She has also been involved in studies and research concerned with displaced populations, and with political and power structures. She has worked in both the humanitarian and development sectors, in Kenya and Africa in general, and possesses a good understanding of the issues around these two sectors, as well as the approach taken by a number of donors in tackling them, for example in relation to human rights, citizen participation and good governance.

David Adriance - Associate Consultant

Health systems and reproductive health

David has over 25 years’ experience of developing, managing, evaluating and providing strategic oversight and vision to multi-sectoral development programmes in Africa and Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, WASH and community development. He is a seasoned supervisor and mentor with solid experience managing regional and national-level field offices with medical, programmatic, administrative, and finance staff. His employment experience has provided him with many years of practice in conceptualising, designing, and implementing programmes. David is a strategic, analytical, and creative thinker. His background in education gave him a firm foundation with which he has developed technical specialisations in health systems strengthening, programme development, implementation and evaluation. He is widely recognised for his ability to foster successful collaborations with local, international, and donor organisations and for diversifying funding sources and partner organisations.

David Kirugara - Associate Consultant

Integrated water resource management and marine specialist

David Kirugara has nine years’ working experience in spearheading the use of space-based technology for sustainable Water and Marine Resource Management coupled players in the Earth Observation Industry including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA), European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), AU-EU and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EU in developing strategic plans, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. David Kirugara is also a qualified Physical Oceanographer with a solid scientific background in research spanning sixteen years in different spheres; Marine remote sensing applications, dynamical oceanography and modeling, plus Environmental chemistry.

Mario Younan - Associate Consultant

Veterinary Science

Mario has worked in animal health and livestock research since 1991, specialising in tropical veterinary medicine, veterinary microbiology, animal hygiene and camel health. Over the past 25 years, he has worked on a number of pastoral livestock research and development projects – particularly in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia – including animal health, milk production, livestock value chain development and emergency preparedness/interventions. He has also worked as a technical consultant carrying out assignments and developing project proposals for a range of international development organisations, including GTZ/GIZ, ICRC, AU/IBAR, ILRI, VSF-Suisse, VSF-Germany, COOPI, UNA, CARE, SNV, Terra Nuova, AusAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and USAID. Between 2008 and 2011, he was the Technical Assistant for the EDF9 Kenya Arid & Semi-Arid Lands Research Programme, which involved coordination and back-stopping of inter-disciplinary agricultural research on value chains in arid & semi-arid parts of Kenya.

Nicholas Benequista - Associate Consultant

Citizen engagement, communication for social change and media

Communication, advocacy and policy influence: Nicholas has designed and implemented communication strategies intended to persuade policy-makers and influence public attitudes at the local, national and international levels – most often on issues related to social justice and accountability. As part of this work, he has used a number of techniques for mapping networks and policy environments and has helped others to use such tools strategically. He has also organised policy dialogues and other events and has experience overseeing the design and production of written, audio and video materials. Writing and journalism: Nicholas is a skilled writer who enjoys honing the craft. He is particularly accomplished at adapting material across a variety of styles, having published academic articles, news stories, magazine features, editorial pieces and policy briefings. His skills have benefited from seven years of experience as a journalist covering breaking news stories and producing investigative articles in Venezuela, Mexico and Ethiopia. Research: Nicholas’ academic training and work experience have exposed him to an array of research methods – including sampling, survey and questionnaire design, focus groups, ethnographic field research, case study analysis, and basic statistical analysis – though his greatest expertise is with participatory methods.

Pauline Nyamweya - Associate Consultant

Law, governance and gender

Pauline possesses sound undergraduate and postgraduate academic qualifications in law from the University of Nairobi and University of Cambridge respectively, and has over twenty years’ experience in judicial practice, teaching law, law and constitutional reform, and participation in governance and human rights advocacy. Of particular relevance is the service she rendered as Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Nairobi, Member of the Devolved Government Task Force, Deputy Secretary of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, Secretary of the Capital Markets Tribunal, and Head of Programmes at the Public Law Institute. She also served as a Judge of the High Court of Kenya. In addition, she has carried out a number of professional assignments on governance, gender and human rights, including a review of Kenya’s Governance Justice Law and Order Sector (GJLOS) Reform Programme; formulation of the of the European Commission’s 10th EDF Governance and Non-state Actors Programme; evaluations of Sida support to gender equality, human rights and civic education and child rights programmes in Kenya; and research studies on community participation in service provision and sexual and reproductive health.

Philippe Gourdin - Associate Consultant

Humanitarian, emergency, conflict and post-conflict specialist

Philippe has over fifteen years’ working experience in development, working in such areas as donor coordination and aid effectiveness in conflict and post-conflict countries. His experience with the UN system, the INGO and donor communities has been demonstrated by his capacities to deliver complex programming related to humanitarian assistance, development and political/security programmes over the years. His is known for his mediation and communication skills and works well in a multi-cultural setup.

Professor David Macharia - Associate Consultant

Adult and continuing education expert

David Macharia specialises in a number of areas, including innovative and participatory training techniques and methods for empowering adult learners at all levels, including literacy; design and development of learning materials; training of trainers; curriculum development; programme design and budgeting; and training and development of materials in distance education. An additional area of interest is Peace Education that he has developed in the last six years where he has been Chief Facilitator in Peace and Anti-Racism Education (PARE), a project that trains school teachers and community activists with the aim of creating safe schools and communities in South Africa. David was Founder President of the Kenya Adult Education Association in 1974, and a Council Member of the Kenya Institute of Education, 1974 to 1986.

Ruth Mwikali Nzioki - Associate Consultant

M&E, training and communication

Ruth is an independent consultant based in Kenya with over fifteen years’ experience. Her areas of expertise include capacity development, monitoring and evaluation and programme design and management at national, local government and community level. Ruth has significant experience in the region undertaking evaluations/reviews and conducting studies to inform strategy development, programme design and improving implementation. She has increasingly complemented her expertise in capacity development with monitoring and evaluation. This has included conducting capacity assessments, developing institutional strengthening strategies as well as developing results frameworks for monitoring and evaluation. Ruth’s strength lies in working closely with organisations to realise their work plans through coaching and mentoring. The assignments undertaken are either short or long-term projects for a variety of bilateral and multilateral development partners, NGOs and CBOs in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. These include agencies such as the UN, the World Bank, Dfid, Danida, the EU, the Netherlands Embassy, as well as INGOs such as Caritas Switzerland, Diakonia Sweden and the International Centre for Research on Women.

Victor Esendi - Associate Consultants

Research and data analysis

Victor is an experienced social scientist, development researcher, consultant and project manager conversant with Theory of Change in international development. He has been involved in a wide range of projects across the East Africa region. With nine years’ work experience, Victor has effectively managed multi-disciplinary teams to improve the effectiveness of development programmes and organisations in the East Africa region. He has been involved in project conceptualisation, development, evaluation and management in the areas of food security, livelihoods, knowledge management, HIV/AIDS Prevention, food processing, markets development and financial services. He is experienced in developing systems for tracking, documenting, and collating, analysing and reporting progress in development interventions. His recent experience deals with developing market potential for high value traditional crops, renewable energy, food processing and support in policy and practice communication.

Wendy Taylor - Associate Consultant

Development planning and research

Wendy is an experienced sociologist and development planner and researcher, and has worked for over thirty years in developing countries – particularly in Africa. She has undertaken assignments in a variety of fields, including urban poverty, urban development planning, decentralisation/local government reform and local governance, institutional development, community participation and participatory approaches, social infrastructure, legal, transport, environment, energy, agriculture, women in development, and gender and development. Her earlier professional experience as a physical planner involved the production of local, urban and regional plans with a particular input on population, housing and social infrastructural components. Her professional expertise has been gained through participation in multi-disciplinary teams as well as holding team leader positions on many assignments.

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